Planning the trip

How did we choose the route?
After a lot of deliberation we settled on a 12 month route covering over 100,000km across 28 countries. With 196 countries to choose from, some were easier to cut than others (sorry, North Korea), but we still had a lot of narrowing down to do. So we came up with 3 rules for choosing places (rules which we promptly broke):

  1. Places that are significantly culturally different from home (Exception: who transits through Sydney airport and can resist a few days’ stopover? Bondi was calling.)
  2. Places that are cheap (Exception: it may not be the cheapest city, but when Tokyo says Robot Restaurant, you say Yes.)
  3. Places in Europe (Exception: Taking the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow. Whilst we’re starting the trip in European Russia, one train journey will take us through Siberia, into Mongolia and finish in China…)

And what about Africa?

Sadly, there just isn’t time. We’ll just have to plan another trip 🙂

Travelling light
Whilst Timian believes trips to the supermarket, Spain or outer-space all require nothing more than a phone, a charger and a credit card, this clearly won’t work for me – never without my Longchamp packed full of…. yeah, whatever it’s all totally necessary and essential stuff. Especially the expired train ticket and broken pen.

Obviously some clothes, toiletries, medicines and tech will come in handy too. So we compromised and are each taking a 40l rucksack small enough to fit in cabin baggage .…wish us luck!


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